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9-jun-2021Deletion of pleiotrophin impairs glucose tolerance and liver metabolism in pregnant mice : moonlighting role of glycerol kinase.Zapatería Gómez, Begoña.; Sevillano, Julio.; Alonso, María Gracia.; Limones, María.; Pizarro-Delgado, Javier.; Zuccaro, Agata.; Herradón, Gonzalo.; Ramos Álvarez, Pilar.Artículo
11-may-2022New developments of biofluid-based biomarkers for routine diagnosis and disease trajectories in frontotemporal dementia.Campo Milán, Marta del.; Zetterberg, Henrik.; Gandy, Sam.; UOnyike, Chiadi.; Oliveira, Fabricio.; Udeh-Momoh, Chi.; Lleó, Alberto.; Teunissen, Charlotte E.Artículo
14-abr-2021A New Food Composition Database of Lactose-Free Products Commercialized in Spain: Differences in Nutritional Composition as Compared to Traditional Products.Martínez Rodríguez, María.; Samaniego Vaesken, Ma de Lourdes.; Alonso Aperte, Elena.Artículo
2019Base de Datos de Composición de Alimentos sin Lactosa (SINLACTOSA-2019)Martínez Rodríguez, María.; Samaniego Vaesken, Ma de Lourdes.; Alonso Aperte, Elena.Material docente
26-mar-2020Updated Food Composition Database for Cereal-Based Gluten Free Products in Spain : is Reformulation Moving on?.-Artículo
1-dic-2019Base de Datos de Composición de Alimentos sin Gluten Certificados (SINGLUTEN-2019)-Material docente
15-feb-2020Multitarget Anticancer Agents Based on Histone Deacetylase and Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitors.-Artículo
15-feb-2021Design and Synthesis ofWater-Soluble and Potent MMP-13 Inhibitors with Activity in Human Osteosarcoma Cells.-Artículo
15-feb-2022HDAC Inhibitors : Innovative Strategies for Their Design and Applications.-Artículo
15-feb-2021Proteasomal Degradation of Zn-Dependent Hdacs: The E3-Ligases Implicated and the Designed Protacs That Enable Degradation.-Artículo
15-feb-2019Molecular Imaging Probes Based on Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors (MMPIs).-Artículo
2-nov-2021Understanding uncontrolled severe allergic asthma by integration of omic and clinical data.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Full validation of curcumin analytical method by LC-MS/MS points out that the degree of hemolysis in plasma affects the quantitation : application in dog plasma study.-Artículo
16-sep-2021The Importance of Metabolism for Immune Homeostasis in Allergic Diseases.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Understanding Systemic and Local Inflammation Induced by Nasal Polyposis : Role of the Allergic Phenotype.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Metabolomics in the Identification of Biomarkers of Asthma.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Uncovering the influence of diet and gut microbiota in human serum metabolome.Obeso Montero, David.; Villaseñor Solis, Alma Cristina.; Zulbeldia Varela, E.Artículo
16-sep-2021Analytical approaches for studying oxygenated lipids in the search of potential biomarkers by LC-MS.-Artículo
16-sep-2019Troubleshooting in Large-Scale LC-ToF-MS Metabolomics Analysis : solving complex issues in big cohorts.-Artículo
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 611