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29-Sep-2023Genetic predisposition to albuminuria is associated with increased arterial stiffness role of elastinSomoza Hernández, Beatriz.; García-Prieto, Concha F.; Gil Ortega, Marta.Texto
29-Sep-2023Role of PVAT in coronary atherosclerosis and vein graft patency friend or foe?Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.; Fernández Alfonso, María Soledad.; Gil Ortega, Marta.Texto
29-Sep-2023Remodeling of energy metabolism and absence of electrophysiological changes in the heart of obese hyperleptinemic mice. New insights into the pleiotropic role of leptinSomoza Hernández, Beatriz.; González Martín, Carmen.; Martín Ramos, Miriam.; Ruíz Gayo, Mariano.; Guzmán Ruíz, Rocio.; Gil Ortega, Marta.Texto
29-Sep-2023Anticontractile Effect of Perivascular Adipose Tissue and Leptin are Reduced in HypertensionGálvez-Prieto, Beatriz.; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.; Ruíz Gayo, Mariano.; García-Prieto, Concha F.; Gil Ortega, Marta.Texto
9-Oct-2018Finerenone Attenuates Endothelial Dysfunction and Albuminuria in a Chronic Kidney Disease Model by a Reduction in Oxidative StressGonzález Blázquez, Raquel.; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.; Gil Ortega, Marta.; Martín Ramos, Miriam.; Ramiro-Cortijo, David; Vega Martín, Elena.; Schulz, Angela; Ruilope Urioste, Luis Miguel.; Kolkhof, Peter; Kreutz, Reinhold; Fernández Alfonso, María Soledad.Artículo
23-Apr-2014Imbalance between Pro and Anti-Oxidant Mechanisms in Perivascular Adipose Tissue Aggravates Long-Term High-Fat Diet-Derived Endothelial DysfunctionGil Ortega, Marta.; Condezo-Hoyos, Luis; García Prieto, Concepción F.; Arribas, Silvia M.; González García, Mª Carmen.; Aránguez, Isabel; Ruiz-Gayo, Mariano.; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.; Fernández Alfonso, María Soledad.Artículo
Reversible_Diaz_et_al_Jou_Alloys_Compounds_2023.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2023Reversible Fe3+/Fe2+ and Ti4+/Ti3+ redox couple in Fe-substituted LiTi2O4 ramsdellite and its electrochemical properties as electrode material in lithium ion batteriesDíaz Carrasco, Pilar; Kuhn, Alois Karl.; Menéndez, Nieves; García Alvarado, Flaviano.Artículo
Beneficial_Garcia_et_al_Front_Physiol_2019.pdf.jpg8-May-2019Beneficial Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Abnormal MMP-9 and AMPK Activities Potential Markers of Obesity-Related CV RiskGarcia-Prieto, Concha F.; Gil Ortega, Marta.; Vega Martín, Elena.; Ramiro-Cortijo, David; Martín Ramos, Miriam.; Bordiú, Elena; Sanchez-Permaute, Andrés; Torres, Antonio; Aránguez, Isabel; Fernández Alfonso, María Soledad.; Rubio Herrera, Miguel Ángel; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.Artículo
Fetal_Gutierrez_et_al_Biomedicines_2020.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2020Fetal Undernutrition Induces Resistance Artery Remodeling and Stiffness in Male and Female Rats Independent of HypertensionGutiérrez-Arzapalo, Perla Y.; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Pilar.; Ramiro-Cortijo, David; Gil Ortega, Marta.; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.; López de Pablo León, Ángel Luis; Arribas Rodríguez, Silvia MagdalenaArtículo
Arterial_Gil_et_al_Vascular_Pha_2016.pdf.jpg2016Arterial stiffness is associated with adipokine dysregulation in non-hypertensive obese miceGil Ortega, Marta.; Martín Ramos, Miriam.; González, M. Carmen; Aránguez, Isabel; Ruíz Gayo, Mariano.; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.; Fernández Alfonso, María Soledad.Artículo
Differential_Vega_et_al_Nitrients_2021.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2021Differential Deleterious Impact of Highly Saturated Versus Monounsaturated Fat Intake on Vascular Function, Structure, and Mechanics in MiceGil Ortega, Marta.; Ruíz Gayo, Mariano.; Fernández Felipe, Jesús.; González Blázquez, Raquel.; Olmo Izquierdo, Nuria del.; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.Artículo
Mechanisms_Gil_et_al_Int_Jou_Endo_2013.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2013Mechanisms of Perivascular Adipose Tissue Dysfunction in ObesityGil Ortega, Marta.; García Prieto, Concepción F.; Ruíz Gayo, Mariano.; Somoza Hernández, Beatriz.Artículo
Release_Girousse_et_al_Cell_Rep_2019.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2019The Release of Adipose Stromal Cells from Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Regulates Ectopic Intramuscular Adipocyte DepositionGirousse, Amandine.; Gil Ortega, Marta.; Bourlier, Virginie; Juin, Noémie; Casteilla, Loius; Sengenès, CoralieArtículo
Sex_Phuthong_Int_J_Mol_Sci_2020.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2020Sex Differences in Placental Protein Expression and Efficiency in a Rat Model of Fetal Programming Induced by Maternal UndernutritionGonzález Blázquez, Raquel.; Gil Ortega, Marta.; Phuthong, Sophida; Reyes-Hernández, Cynthia Guadalupe; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Pilar; Ramiro-Cortijo, David; González, M. Carmen; López de Pablo, Ángel Luis; Arribas, Silvia M.Artículo
Adipose_Sastourne_et_al_Nat_Commun_2023.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2023Adipose tissue is a source of regenerative cells that augment the repair of skeletal muscle after injuryGil Ortega, Marta.Artículo
Novel_Gil_et_al_Sci_Reports_2022.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2022Novel indolic AMPK modulators induce vasodilatation through activation of the AMPK-eNOS-NO pathwayGil Ortega, Marta.Artículo
Receptor_Galan_et_al_Neurotoxicology_2023.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2023Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase β/ζ regulates loss of neurogenesis in the mouse hippocampus following adolescent acute ethanol exposureGalán Llario, Milagros María.; Rodríguez Zapata, María.; Gramage Caro, Esther.; Vicente Rodríguez, Marta.; Fontán Baselga, Teresa.; Ovejero Benito, María del Carmen.; Pérez García, Carmen.; Carrasco, Javier.; Moreno Herradón, Marco.; Sevillano Fernández, Julio.; Ramos Álvarez, María del Pilar.; Zapico Rodríguez, José María.; De Pascual Teresa, Beatriz.; Ramos González, Ana.; Herradón Gil-Gallardo, Gonzalo.Artículo
Genetic_Vicente_ Neurosci_Lett_2021.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2021Genetic inactivation of midkine, not pleiotrophin, facilitates extinction of alcohol-induced conditioned place preferenceVicente Rodríguez, Marta.; Pérez García, Carmen.; Gramage Caro, Esther.; Herradón Gil-Gallardo, Gonzalo.Artículo
Mechanisms_Martin_et_al_fro_Physiology_2019.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2019Mechanisms of Impaired Brown Adipose Tissue Recruitment in ObesityAlcalá Díaz-Mor, Martín.; Calderón Domínguez, María.; Serra, Dolors.; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura.; Viana Arribas, Marta.Artículo
Role_Corral_et_al_Bio_Pharma_2022.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2023Role of long non-coding RNAs in adipose tissue metabolism and associated pathologiesCorral, Ana.; Alcalá Díaz-Mor, Martín.; Durán Ruiz, Mª Carmen.; Arroba, Ana I.; Ponce González, Jesús G.; Todorcevic, Marijana.; Serra, Dolors.; Calderón Domínguez, María.; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura.Artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 661