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2-nov-2021Understanding uncontrolled severe allergic asthma by integration of omic and clinical data.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Full validation of curcumin analytical method by LC-MS/MS points out that the degree of hemolysis in plasma affects the quantitation : application in dog plasma study.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Analytical approaches for studying oxygenated lipids in the search of potential biomarkers by LC-MS.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Understanding Systemic and Local Inflammation Induced by Nasal Polyposis : Role of the Allergic Phenotype.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Metabolomics in the Identification of Biomarkers of Asthma.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Uncovering the influence of diet and gut microbiota in human serum metabolome.Obeso Montero, David.; Villaseñor Solis, Alma Cristina.; Zulbeldia Varela, E.Artículo
16-sep-2021The Importance of Metabolism for Immune Homeostasis in Allergic Diseases.-Artículo
16-sep-2019Troubleshooting in Large-Scale LC-ToF-MS Metabolomics Analysis : solving complex issues in big cohorts.-Artículo
16-sep-2019Metabolomics reveals citric acid secretion in mechanically?stimulated osteocytes is inhibited by high glucose.-Artículo
16-sep-2021Exploring novel systemic biomarker approaches in grass-pollen sublingual immunotherapy using omics.-Artículo
15-sep-2015D-serine plasma concentration is a potential biomarker of (R,S)-ketamine antidepressant response in subjects with treatment-resistant depression.-Artículo
15-sep-2014A pilot study of plasma metabolomic patterns from patients treated with ketamine for bipolar depression : evidence for a response-related difference in mitochondrial networks.-Artículo
14-sep-2012Urinary Metabolic Phenotyping the slc26a6 (Chloride-Oxalate Exchanger) : null mouse model.-Artículo
14-sep-2015Multiplatform characterization of dynamic changes in breast milk during lactation.-Artículo
14-sep-2014H-1 NMR Global Metabolic Phenotyping of Acute Pancreatitis in the Emergency Unit.-Artículo
14-sep-2018Multi-omics Analysis Points to Altered Platelet Functions in Severe Food-Associated Respiratory Allergy.-Artículo
14-sep-2013Optimization and validation of a capillary electrophoresis laser-induced fluorescence method for amino acids determination in human plasma.Villaseñor Solis, Alma Cristina.; García Fernández, Antonia.; Lorenzo, Ma Paz.Artículo
14-sep-2019Understanding platelets in infectious and allergic lung diseases.-Artículo
14-sep-2017Allergic asthma : an overview of metabolomic strategies leading to the identification of biomarkers in the field.-Artículo
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en orden Descendente): 21 a 40 de 620