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Optimizing fairness in cellular networks with mobile drone relays

Título : Optimizing fairness in cellular networks with mobile drone relays
Autor : Arribas Gimeno, Edgar
Mancuso, Vincenzo
Cholvi, Vicent
Materias: Aerial networksrelayUAVmobile networksoptimization𝛼-Fairness
Editorial : Elsevier
Citación : Edgar Arribas, Vincenzo Mancuso, Vicent Cholvi, Optimizing fairness in cellular networks with mobile drone relays, Computer Networks, Volume 224, 2023, 109623, ISSN 1389-1286, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.comnet.2023.109623.
Resumen : Aiding the ground cellular network with aerial base stations carried by drones has experienced an intensive raise of interest in the past years. Reconfigurable air-to-ground channels enable aerial stations to enhance users’ access links by means of seeking good line-of-sight connectivity while hovering in the air. In this article, we propose an analytical framework for the 3D placement of a fleet of coordinated drone relays. This framework optimizes network performance in terms of user throughput fairness, expressed through the 𝛼-fairness metric. The optimization problem is formulated as a mixed-integer non-convex program, which is intractable. Hence, we propose an extremal-optimization-based algorithm, Parallelized Alpha-fair Drone Deployment (PADD), which solves the problem online, in low-degree polynomial time. We evaluate our proposal by means of numerical simulations over the real topology of a dense city. We discuss the advantages of integrating drone relay stations in current networks and test several resource scheduling approaches in both static and dynamic scenarios, including with progressively larger and denser crowds.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10637/14126
Derechos: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/deed.es
ISSN : 1872-7069 (electrónico)
Cubierto por: Acuerdo Transformativo - 2023
Fecha de publicación : 10-feb-2023
Centro : Universidad San Pablo-CEU
Aparece en las colecciones: Facultad de Económicas y CC Empresariales

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