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Título : Gluten-Free Product Contribution to Energy and Macronutrient Intakes in Spanish Children and Adolescents with Celiac Disease.
Autor : González, María Purificación.
Ballestero Fernández, Catalina.
Fajardo Martín, Violeta.
Achón, María.
García-Gonzalez, Ángela.
Alonso Aperte, Elena.
Úbeda, Natalia.
Materias: glutengluten-freechildrenadolescents
Fecha de publicación : 24-nov-2022
Resumen : Gluten-free products (GFP) are a good choice for the replacement of cereals when following a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease (CD). However, commercial GFP are made with highly refined flours and may contain more fat, sugar, and salt, and less fiber and micronutrients than glutencontaining analogues, thus challenging the nutritional adequacy of the diet. The aim of this study is to assess the contribution of GFP to the diets of children and adolescents with CD. Food intakes were assessed in a cross-sectional study on 70 children and adolescents with CD (aged four to 18, 50% females), using three 24-h dietary records. GFP consumption reached 165 g a day and comprised mostly bread and fine bakery ware, followed by pasta. GFP contributed with a high percentage (>25%) to total energy, carbohydrates, fiber, and salt daily intakes and, to a lesser extent (<20%), to fat (including saturated fat), sugars and protein. Contribution of homemade products was testimonial. GFP contribution to total energy intake is significant and, consequently, relevant to the nutritional adequacy of the diet. Children and adolescents with CD could benefit from fat, saturated fat, and salt reduction, and fiber enrichment of processed GFP.

celiac disease
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