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Radiative corrections to tau ->pi(K)nu(tau)[gamma] : a reliable new physics test


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Title: Radiative corrections to tau ->pi(K)nu(tau)[gamma] : a reliable new physics test
metadata.dc.creator: Arroyo Ureña, Marco Antonio.
Hernández Tomé, G.
López Castro, G.
Roig, P.
Rosell Escribá, Ignasi.
Keywords: Simetría (Física)Symmetry (Physics)Campos, Teoría clásica de.Particles (Nuclear physics)Field Theory (Physics)Partículas (Física nuclear)
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Arroyo-Ureña, M.A., Hernández-Tomé, G., López-Castro, G., Roig, P. & Rosell, I. (2021). Radiative corrections to tau ->pi(K)nu(tau)[gamma] : a reliable new physics test. Physical Review D, vol. 104, i. 9 (29 nov.), art. L091502. DOI:
Abstract: The ratios Rτ=P ≡ Γðτ → Pντ½γ Þ=ΓðP → μνμ½γ Þ (P ¼ π, K) provide sensitive tests of lepton universality jgτ=gμj ¼ 1 and are a useful tool for new physics searches. The radiative corrections to Rτ=P are computed following a large-NC expansion to deal with hadronic effects: Chiral Perturbation Theory is enlarged by including the lightest multiplets of spin-one heavy states such that the relevant Green functions are well behaved at high energies. We find δRτ=π ¼ ð0.18 0.57Þ% and δRτ=K ¼ ð0.97 0.58Þ%, which imply jgτ=gμjπ ¼ 0.9964 0.0038 and jgτ=gμjK ¼ 0.9857 0.0078, compatible with and at 1.8σ of lepton universality, respectively. We test unitarity and bind nonstandard effective interactions with the τ → Pντ½γ decays.
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ISSN: 2470-0010
2470-0029 (Electrónico)
Issue Date: 29-Nov-2021
Center : Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU
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