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Título : Effect of leukocyte-reduced platelet-rich plasma on osteoarthritis caused by cranial cruciate ligament rupture : a canine gait analysis model / José M. Vilar, María E. Manera, Angelo Santana, Giuseppe Spinella, Oliver Rodríguez, Mónica Rubio, José M. Carrillo, Joaquín Sopena and Miguel Batista.
Autor : Vilar, José M.
Manera, María E.
Santana, Angelo.
Spinella, Giuseppe.
Rodríguez, Oliver.
Rubio Zaragoza, Mónica.
Carrillo Poveda, José María.
Sopena Juncosa, Joaquín Jesús.
Batista, Miguel.
Materias: Dogs - Musculoskeletal system - Wounds and injuries - Treatment.Perros - Razas - Bulldog inglés.Plasma sanguíneo - Uso terapéutico.Blood plasma - Therapeutic use.Osteoarthritis - Treatment.Osteoartritis - Tratamiento.Dog breeds - English Bulldog.Ligamentos - Heridas y lesiones - Tratamiento.Perros - Sistema musculoesquelético - Heridas y lesiones - Tratamiento.Ligaments - Wounds and injuries - Treatment.
Fecha de publicación : 19-mar-2018
Editorial : PLOS.
Citación : Vilar, JM., Manera, ME., Santana, A., Spinella, G., Rodríguez, O., Rubio, M., Carrillo, JM., Sopena, J. and Batista, M. (2018). Effect of leukocyte-reduced platelet-rich plasma on osteoarthritis caused by cranial cruciate ligament rupture : a canine gait analysis model. Plos One, vol. 13, n. 3, art. e0194752. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0194752
Resumen : The goal of this study was to objectively assess the effect of a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derivate in English bulldogs with stifle degenerative joint disease secondary to cranial cruciate ligament rupture (CCLR). We used a force platform and affixed electrogoniometers to measure peak vertical force (PVF), vertical impulse (VI), stance time (ST), and angular range of motion (AROM), from 12 lame client-owned English bulldogs with post-CCLR stifle joint abnormalities. The 12 affected subjects were treated with 4 intra-articular injections of PRP, at 30-day intervals. Ten untreated, sound English bulldogs were used as a reference group. Clinical outcomes were evaluated using a linear mixed effects model. Mean values of PVF, VI, ST, and AROM were improved within the first 3 months post-treatment in the CCLR group, with mean measured changes increasing to maximum 4.56% body weight gain, 1.5% body weight/second, 0.07 seconds, and 6.18 degrees, respectively. The effects declined progressively after the treatment interval, ending at nearly initial levels after 6 months. This study demonstrates that dogs with CCLR treated with intra-articular PRP had improved PVF, VI, ST, and AROM over time; the duration of effect was waning by the end of the post-treatment period.
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URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10637/9995
Derechos: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es
ISSN : 1932-6203.
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