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Design_Gonzalez_Fro_Built_Env_2023.pdf.jpg30-May-2023Editorial: Design of efficient and healthy buildingsGonzález Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Influence_Ziada_et_al_Eng_Sci_Tec_2023.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2023Influence of various fibers on the physico-mechanical properties of a sustainable geopolymer mortar-based on metakaolin and slagZiada, Mahmoud.; Erdem, Savas.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Tammam, Yosra.; Unkar, ÍremArtículo
Construction_Gonzalez_et_al_Fro_Built_Env_2023.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2023Construction parameters that affect the air leaks of the envelope in dwellings in MadridGonzález Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Sanglier Contreras, Gastón.; Iglesias Sanz, Carlos Miguel.; López Fernández, Eduardo José.Artículo
Strategies_Macia_et_al_Fro_Built_Env_2023.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2023Strategies for integral rehabilitation and improvement of the energy efficiency of Lagos Park building in MadridMaciá-Torregrosa, María Eugenia; Camacho-Diez, Javier; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Methodology_Feijo_et_al_Energies_2018.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2018Methodology for the Study of the Envelope Airtightness of Residential Buildings in SpainFeijó Muñoz, Jesús.; Poza-Casado, Irene; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Pardal March, Cristina; Echarri, Víctor; Assiego de Larriva, Rafael; Fernández-Agüera, J.; Dios-Viéitez, María Jesús; Del Campo-Díaz, Víctor José; Montesdeoca Calderín, Manuel; Padilla Marcos, Miguel Ángel; Meiss, AlbertoArtículo
Energy_Gonzalez_et_al_IOP_Conf_Ser_2016.pdf.jpg2016Energy saving due to natural ventilation in housing blocks in MadridGonzález Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Hormigos Jiménez, Susana.Artículo
Numerical_Gonzalez_et_al_Mech_Sci_2019.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2019Numerical analysis of the influence of the damping rings' thickness on interrupted dynamic tension results using SiC-reinforced ZC71 magnesium alloy specimensGonzález Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Del Río Campos, José Manuel.Artículo
Airtightness_Feijo_et_al_Buil_Env_2019.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2018Airtightness of residential buildings in the Continental area of SpainFeijó Muñoz, Jesús.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Padilla Marcos, Miguel Ángel; Meiss, AlbertoArtículo
Passive_Fernandez_et_al_Sustainability_2019.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2019Passive Design Strategies for Residential Buildings in Different Spanish Climate ZonesFernández Antolín, María Mar.; Del Río Campos, José Manuel.; Constanzo, Vincenzo; Nocera, Francesco; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Geometria_Gonzalez_et_al_Materia_2019.pdf.jpg10-May-2019Influencia de la geometría del proyectil en ensayos dinámicos de tracciónGonzález Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Cesteros García, Sonia; López Fernández, Eduardo José.; Sanglier Contreras, Gastón.Artículo
Influence_Fernandez_et_al_Sustainability_2019.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2019Influence of Solar Reflectance and Renewable Energies on Residential Heating and Cooling Demand in Sustainable Architecture Case Study in Different Climate Zones in Spain Considering Their Urban ContextsFernández Antolín, María Mar.; Del Río Campos, José Manuel.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Relationship_Fernandez_et_al_Energies_2020.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2020The Relationship between the Use of Building Performance Simulation Tools by Recent Graduate Architects and the Deficiencies in Architectural EducationFernández Antolín, María Mar.; Del Río, José Manuel; Del Ama Gonzalo, Fernando.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Towards_Baeza_et_al_Sustainability_2020.pdf.jpg22-May-2020Towards a Sustainable Indoor Lighting Design Effects of Artificial Light on the Emotional State of Adolescents in the ClassroomBaeza Moyano, David.; San Juan Fernández, Mónica.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Application_Moreno_et_al_Energies_2020.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2020Application and Validation of a Dynamic Energy Simulation Tool: A Case Study with Water Flow Glazing EnvelopeMoreno Santamaria, Belén; Del Ama Gonzalo, Fernando.; Pinette, Danielle; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Lauret Aguirregabiria, Benito.; Hernández Ramos, Juan Antonio.Artículo
Blue_Baeza_et_al_Energies_2020.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2020Blue-Light Levels Emitted from Portable Electronic Devices Compared to SunlightBaeza Moyano, David.; Sola, Yolanda.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Bad_Dominguez_et_al_Env_Rese_Pub_H_2020.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2020Bad Air Can Also Kill Residential Indoor Air Quality and Pollutant Exposure Risk during the COVID-19 CrisisDomínguez-Amarillo, Samuel.; Fernández Agüera, Jessica.; Cesteros-García, Sonia; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Pandemic_Baeza_et_al_Energies_2021.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2021Pandemic of Childhood Myopia. Could New Indoor LED Lighting Be Part of the Solution?Baeza Moyano, David.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Previsiones_Ros_et_al_Ciudad_Territorio_2020.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2020Previsiones del impacto sobre el cambio climático Archipiélago de San Blas (Panamá)Ros García, Juan Manuel.; Irastorza-Ruigómez, Luis.Artículo
Airflow_Gonzalez_et_al_Energies_2021.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2021Airflow Analysis of the Haida Plank House, a Breathing EnvelopeGonzález Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.; Montero Burgos, Mª Jesús.Artículo
Fique_Garcia_et_al_Sustainability_2021.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2021Fique as a Sustainable Material and Thermal Insulation for Buildings Study of Its Decomposition and Thermal ConductivityGarcía Sánchez, Gabriel Fernando.; Guzmán López, Rolando Enrique.; González Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.Artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 161