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dc.contributor.otherGrupo: El lenguaje del color en la Biblia (LECOBI)-
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad San Pablo-CEU. Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Comunicación.-
dc.creatorGarcía Ureña, Lourdes.-
dc.identifier.citationLourdes García Ureña; Darkness or Blackness? A Semantic Study of חשך (Joel 3:4). Journal of Biblical Literature 1 March 2023; 142 (1): 111–127. doi:
dc.descriptionPublicado en OA bajo térmicos de SBL Press Politicy (Society of Biblical Literature)-
dc.description.abstractJoel’s oracle proclaiming the day of the Lord concludes with the announcement of a series of wonders. The event that the prophet announces is not devoid of chromatism, since the language of color emerges in the prophecy through elements of nature that connote color (blood, fire, smoke [Joel 3:3–4; Eng. 2:30– 31]). It is logical, then, to ask if חשך means “darkness” or, on the contrary, “color.” In order to determine if חשך has a chromatic meaning, I will apply a specific methodology based on cognitive linguistics. First, I will discuss the “encyclopedic knowledge” of the native speaker, describing the meaning of the color terms proposed in the main dictionaries and undertaking a comparative study of how the terms have been translated in the early versions of the Bible. I will then study the occurrences of the color terms in context and analyze the entity that describes the color term—the sun. In the light of this semantic analysis, I conclude that חשך expresses color in Joel 3:4, and this fact has great relevance for the interpretation of the prophecy.en_EN
dc.publisherSociety of Biblical Literaturees_ES
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Biblical Literature (JBL)-
dc.subjectSimbolismo de los colores.es_ES
dc.titleDarkness or Blackness? A Semantic Study of חשך (Joel 3:4)es_ES
dc.centroUniversidad San Pablo-CEU-
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