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dc.contributor.otherUniversidad San Pablo-CEU. Escuela Politécnica Superior-
dc.creatorFeijó Muñoz, Jesús.-
dc.creatorPoza-Casado, Irene-
dc.creatorGonzález Lezcano, Roberto Alonso.-
dc.creatorPardal March, Cristina-
dc.creatorEcharri, Víctor-
dc.creatorAssiego de Larriva, Rafael-
dc.creatorFernández-Agüera, J.-
dc.creatorDios-Viéitez, María Jesús-
dc.creatorDel Campo-Díaz, Víctor José-
dc.creatorMontesdeoca Calderín, Manuel-
dc.creatorPadilla Marcos, Miguel Ángel-
dc.creatorMeiss, Alberto-
dc.identifier.citationFeijó-Muñoz, J.; Poza-Casado, I.; González-Lezcano, R.A.; Pardal, C.; Echarri, V.; Assiego De Larriva, R.; Fernández-Agüera, J.; Dios-Viéitez, M.J.; Del Campo-Díaz, V.J.; Montesdeoca Calderín, M.; et al. Methodology for the Study of the Envelope Airtightness of Residential Buildings in Spain: A Case Study. Energies 2018, 11, 704.
dc.description.abstractAir leakage and its impact on the energy performance of dwellings has been broadly studied in countries with cold climates in Europe, US, and Canada. However, there is a lack of knowledge in this field in Mediterranean countries. Current Spanish building regulations establish ventilation rates based on ideal airtight envelopes, causing problems of over-ventilation and substantial energy losses. The aim of this paper is to develop a methodology that allows the characterization of the envelope of the housing stock in Spain in order to adjust ventilation rates taking into consideration air leakage. A methodology that is easily applicable to other countries that consider studying the airtightness of the envelope and its energetic behaviour improvement is proposed. A statistical sampling method has been established to determine the dwellings to be tested, considering relevant variables concerning airtightness: climate zone, year of construction, and typology. The air leakage rate is determined using a standardized building pressurization technique according to European Standard EN 13829. A representative case study has been presented as an example of the implementation of the designed methodology and results are compared to preliminary values obtained from the database.en_EN
dc.subjectResidential buildingsen_EN
dc.titleMethodology for the Study of the Envelope Airtightness of Residential Buildings in Spainen_EN
dc.centroUniversidad San Pablo-CEU-
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