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Complicated crown fracture of permanent incisors a conservative treatment case report and a narrative review

Title: Complicated crown fracture of permanent incisors a conservative treatment case report and a narrative review
Authors : Radwanski, Mateusz
Caporossi, Corrado
Lukomska-Szymanska, Monika
Luzi Luzi, Arlinda
Sauro, Salvatore.
Keywords: Biomedical materials.Teeth - Fractures - Treatment.Dentistry - Aesthetic aspects.Materiales dentales.Dientes - Fracturas - Tratamiento.Materiales biomédicos.Adhesivos dentales.Dental adhesives.Odontología estética.Dental materials.
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Radwanski, M., Caporossi, C., Lukomska-Szymanska, M., Luzi, A. & Sauro, S. (2022). Complicated crown fracture of permanent incisors: a conservative treatment case report and a narrative review. Bioengineering, vol. 9, i. 9 (18 sep.), art. 481. DOI:
Abstract: Dental trauma may have a severe impact on the social and psychological wellbeing of a patient. Most cases of dental injuries involve anterior teeth, especially the maxillary upper incisors. Crown fractures, with or without pulp exposure, are the most common trauma in permanent dentition. There are many methods of management, in which the initial state of the pulp, the time since the injury, and the presence of an accompanying injury play a key role. This case report aimed at showing a possible conservative treatment after complicated tooth fracture that consisted of partial pulpotomy followed by adhesive reattachment of the tooth fragment using a technique based on heated resin composite. Such a specific procedure represents a conservative approach to traumatic coronal lesions, providing a suitable opportunity to maintain the tooth vitality, aesthetics, and function. Indeed, reattachment of tooth fragment using a composite/adhesive is a simple technique to achieve excellent results in terms of aesthetic and function.
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Este artículo de investigación pertenece al número especial "Recent Advances in Biomaterials and Dental Disease".
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ISSN: 2306-5354 (Electrónico)
Language: es
Issue Date: 18-Sep-2022
Center : Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU
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