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dc.creatorPalfreeman, Linda-
dc.identifier.citationPalfreeman, L. (2022). British quaker aid to Spanish republican exiles in concentration camps in the south of France (1939–1940). Religions, vol. 13, i. 4 (01 apr.), art. 312. DOI:
dc.identifier.issn2077-1444 (Electrónico)-
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dc.descriptionEste artículo de investigación pertenece a la sección "Religions and Humanities/Philosophies".-
dc.description.abstractWhen a failed military coup provoked civil war in Spain in July 1936, British Quakers were among the first t respond to the tremendous need for humanitarian aid among the civilian population. They distributed food and clothing, set up canteens and hospitals, provided schooling and workshops, and organized the evacuation of children from war zones. Then, in January 1939, when the Spanish Republic finally succumbed to the might of the rebel forces, the Quakers accompanied thousands of refugees in their flight towards the French border. This became known as ‘la retirada’ (the Retreat). Once in French territory, the refugees were herded into improvised internment camps. These were simply vast open spaces on the beaches encircled by barbed wire, with no shelter, no latrines and barely any food. Quakers were the first to obtain permits to access the camps in order to alleviate the suffering and deprivation found there. They distributed not only the most basic aid such as food and clothing, but also pencils and notebooks, as well as tools and materials of all kinds to work with. Thus, in characteristic fashion, they provided people with the means by which they could help themselves.-
dc.relationEste artículo de investigación se ha desarrollado dentro del proyecto de investigación "Humanitarian medical action and technological innovation in confined spaces (1850-1950)" (PID2019-104581GB-I00).-
dc.relationUCH. Financiación Nacional-
dc.relation.ispartofReligions, vol. 13, i. 4 (01 apr. 2022)-
dc.subjectExiliados españoles - 1939-1940 - Francia.-
dc.subjectAyuda humanitaria británica - 1939-1940 - Francia.-
dc.subjectExiles - Spain - 1939-1940 - France.-
dc.subjectQuakers - Medical care - 1939-1940 - France.-
dc.subjectCuáqueros - Asistencia sanitaria - 1939-1940 - Francia.-
dc.subjectBritish humanitarianism - 1939-1940 - France.-
dc.subjectEspaña - Historia - 1936-1939, Guerra Civil.-
dc.subjectSpain - History - Civil War, 1936-1939.-
dc.titleBritish quaker aid to Spanish republican exiles in concentration camps in the south of France (1939-1940)-
dc.centroUniversidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU-
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