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Título : CRIDECO anticholinergic load scale : an updated anticholinergic burden scale : comparison with the ACB scale in Spanish individuals with subjective memory complaints
Autor : Ramos García, Hernán.
Moreno Royo, Lucrecia.
Pérez Tur, Jordi.
Cháfer Pericás, Consuelo.
García Lluch, Gemma.
Pardo Albiach, Juan.
Materias: Geriatric pharmacology.Alzheimer's disease - Chemotherapy.Alzheimer, Enfermedad de - Farmacoterapia.Enfermedades mentales en los ancianos - Farmacoterapia.Atención farmacéutica.Pharmaceutical services.Farmacología geriátrica.Mentally ill older people - Chemotherapy.Memory disorders - Chemotherapy.Memoria - Trastornos - Farmacoterapia.
Fecha de publicación : 3-feb-2022
Editorial : MDPI
Citación : Ramos, H., Moreno, L., Pérez-Tur, J., Cháfer-Pericás, C., García-Lluch, G., & Pardo, J. (2022). CRIDECO anticholinergic load scale: an updated anticholinergic burden scale : comparison with the ACB Scale in Spanish individuals with subjective memory complaints. Journal of Personalized Medicine, vol. 12, i. 2, art. 207 (03 feb.). DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/jpm12020207
Resumen : The increase in life expectancy has also been accompanied by an increase in the use of medication to treat chronic diseases. Polypharmacy is associated with medication-related problems such as the increase in the anticholinergic burden. Older people are more susceptible to anticholinergic effects on the central nervous system and this, in turn, may be related to cognitive impairment. In this paper, we develop an updated anticholinergic burden scale, the CRIDECO Anticholinergic Load Scale (CALS) via a systematic review of the literature and compare it with the currently most used Anticholinergic Burden Scale (ACB). Our new scale includes 217 different drugs with anticholinergic properties, 129 more than the ACB. Given the effect that anticholinergic medications have on cognitive performance, we then used both scales to investigate the relationship between anticholinergic burden and cognitive impairment in adult Spanish subjects with subjective memory complaint. In our population, we observed an association between cognitive impairment and the anticholinergic burden when measured by the new CALS, but not when the ACB was applied. The use of a more comprehensive and upgraded scale will allow better discrimination of the risk associated with the use of anticholinergic medications on cognitive impairment. CALS can help raise awareness among clinicians of the problems associated with the use of medications, or combinations of them, with large anticholinergic effect, and promote a better personalized pharmacological approach for each patient.
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Este artículo pertenece a la sección "Methodology, Drug and Device Discovery".
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URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10637/14024
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