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Título : Severe acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children : what do we know today?
Autor : Pérez Gracia, María Teresa.
Tarín Pelló, Antonio.
Suay García, Beatriz.
Materias: SARS-CoV-2 (Virus)Adenovirus.Adenoviruses.Hepatitis en los niños.COVID-19 (Disease)Hígado - Enfermedades.COVID-19.Liver - Diseases.Child hepatitis.
Fecha de publicación : 26-jul-2022
Editorial : Xia & He
Citación : Pérez-Gracia, M. T., Tarín-Pelló, A. & Suay-García, B. (2022). Severe acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children: what do we know today?. Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology, vol. 10, i. 4 (26 jul.), pp. 711–717. DOI: https://doi.org/10.14218/JCTH.2022.00244
Resumen : In May 2022, the UK International Health Regulations National Focal Point notified World Health Organization of 176 cases of severe acute hepatitis of unknown etiology in children under 10 years of age. From that moment on, cases of severe acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children began to be reported in several countries. As of June 17, 2022, a total of 991 cases had been reported in 35 countries worldwide, 50 children needed a liver transplant and 28 patients died. According to information published by ECDC, 449 cases have been detected in 21 EU countries. The children were between 1 month and 16 years of age. Adenovirus was detected in 62.2% of the analyzed samples. So far, the cause of these cases is unknown and many hypotheses remain open, but hepatitis A–E viruses and COVID-19 vaccines have been ruled out. A possible hypothesis has been published to explain the cause of these cases of severe hepatitis, according to which it could be a consequence of adenovirus infection in the intestine in healthy children previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. No other clear epidemiological risk factors have been identified to date. Thus, at this time, the etiology of the current cases of hepatitis remains under active investigation.
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