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Título : Physiological and clinical endocrinology aspects of estrous cycle and pregnancy in mares
Autor : Satué Ambrojo, Katiuska.
Gardon Poggi, Juan Carlos.
Materias: Endocrinología veterinaria.Horses - Reproduction - Endocrine aspects.Reproducción animal.Estro.Caballos - Reproducción - Aspectos endocrinológicos.Gestación - Aspectos endocrinológicos.Pregnancy - Endocrine aspects.Reproduction.Veterinary endocrinology.Estrus.
Fecha de publicación : 20-ene-2021
Editorial : IntechOpen.
Citación : Satué, K. & Gardon, J.C. (2021). Physiological and clinical endocrinology aspects of estrous cycle and pregnancy in mares. En Aral, Faruk (Ed.). Animal Reproduction in Veterinary Medicine (34 p.). Londres (Reino Unido) : IntechOpen.
Resumen : The use of advanced reproductive endocrinology can generate important economic benefits for equine breeding farms. Pregnancy in the mare involves considerable endocrine changes, which can be explained in part by the development of different structures such as embryonic vesicles, primary and secondary CL, endometrial cups and development of fetoplacental units. Both the pregnant mare and the fetus adapt to this development with unique mechanisms, such as alterations in the maternal endocrine metabolism and hormonal feedback. Since the ability to produce a viable foal is critical for the broodmare, the maintenance of the gestation implies almost a year of physiological effort. Therefore, the joint knowledge of basic reproductive science and current clinical endocrinology allows veterinarians and breeders to be better positioned to achieve their objectives. This chapter reviews normal and abnormal endocrine patterns during the equine estrual cycle, pregnancy. We also consider hormonal evaluation related to placentitis, abortions, recurrent pregnancy loss, and premature deliveries. Also, several aspects associated with endocrinological control of the reproductive cycle, ovulation, parturition, high-risk mare, and hormone supplementation will be developed.
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URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10637/12882
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ISBN : 978-1-83881-937-8.
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