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Título : Impact of a Web-based exercise and nutritional education intervention in patients who are obese with hypertension : randomized wait-list controlled trial
Autor : Lisón Párraga, Juan Francisco.
Palomar Peris, Gonzalo.
Mensorio, Marinna S.
Baños Rivera, Rosa María.
Cebolla Martí, Ausiàs.
Botella Arbona, Cristina.
Benavent Caballer, Vicente.
Rodilla Sala, Enrique.
Materias: Hypertension - Treatment.Internet - Aplicaciones en nutrición.Internet in nutrition.Exercise.Internet in exercise.Obesidad - Tratamiento.Obesity - Treatment.Hipertensión - Tratamiento.Internet - Aplicaciones en ejercicio físico.Ejercicio físico.
Fecha de publicación : 14-abr-2020
Editorial : JMIR Publications.
Citación : Lisón, J.F., Palomar, G., Mensorio, M.S., Baños, R.M., Cebolla-Martí, A., Botella, C. et al. (2020). Impact of a Web-based exercise and nutritional education intervention in patients who are obese with hypertension: randomized wait-list controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, vol. 22, i. 4 (14 apr.), art. e14196. DOI: https://doi.org/10.2196/14196
Resumen : Background: Internet-based interventions are a promising strategy for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors. These have a tremendous potential for delivering electronic health interventions in scalable and cost-effective ways. There is strong evidence that the use of these programs can lead to weight loss and can lower patients’ average blood pressure (BP) levels. So far, few studies have investigated the effects of internet-based programs on patients who are obese with hypertension (HTN). Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate the short- and long-term efficacy, in terms of body composition and BP parameters, of a self-administered internet-based intervention involving different modules and learning techniques aimed at promoting lifestyle changes (both physical activity and healthy eating) in patients who are obese with HTN. Methods: A randomized wait-list controlled trial design was used. We recruited 105 adults with HTN who were overweight or obese and randomly assigned them to either a 3-month internet-based intervention group (n=55) or the wait-list control group (n=50). We assessed BMI (primary outcome), body fat mass (BFM), systolic (S)BP and diastolic (D)BP, blood glucose and insulin levels, physical activity levels, and functional capacity for aerobic exercise at Time 0 (preintervention) and Time 1 (postintervention). All the patients in the wait-list control group subsequently received the intervention, and a secondary within-group analysis, which also included these participants, was conducted at Time 2 (12-month follow-up). Results: A 2-way mixed analysis of covariance showed a significant decrease in BMI, BFM, and blood glucose at 3 months in the internet-based intervention group; the effect size for the BMI and BFM parameters was moderate to large, and there was also a borderline significant trend for DBP and insulin. These results were either maintained or improved upon at Time 2 and showed significant changes for BMI (mean difference −0.4, 95% CI −0.1 to −0.6; P=.005), BFM (mean difference −2.4, 95% CI −1.1 to −3.6; P<.001), DBP (mean difference −1.8, 95% CI −0.2 to −3.3; P=.03), and blood glucose (mean difference −2, 95% CI 0 to −4; P=.04). Conclusions: Implementation of our self-administered internet-based intervention, which involved different learning techniques aimed to promote lifestyle changes, resulted in positive short- and long-term health benefits in patients who are obese with HTN.
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ISSN : 1438-8871 (Electrónico).
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