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Título : Assessment of arterial stiffness by brachial oscillometry in community pharmacies for managing hypertension (COPHARTEN)
Autor : Rodilla Sala, Vicente
Prats Mas, Rosa
Bellver Monzó, Otón
Reig López, Javier
Cunha, Pedro
Climent Catalá, María Teresa
Materias: Enfermedades cardiovasculares - Factores de riesgo.Cardiovascular system - Diseases - Risk factors.Pharmaceutical services - Patients.Atención farmaceútica - Pacientes.Hipertensión - Factores de riesgo.Hypertension - Risk factors.Arterioesclerosis.
Fecha de publicación : 16-dic-2019
Editorial : Atlantis Press International.
Citación : Rodilla, E., Prats, R., Bellver, O., Reig, J., Cunha, P. & Climent, MT. (2019). Assessment of arterial stiffness by brachial oscillometry in community pharmacies for managing hypertension (COPHARTEN). Artery Research, vol. 25, n. 3-4 (dec.), pp. 121-130. DOI: https://doi.org/10.2991/artres.k.191124.001
Resumen : Background and Objective: Arterial Stiffness (AS) measured as pulse wave velocity has emerged in recent years as a hypertension mediated organ damage with independent prognostic value for Cardiovascular (CV) diseases that has also been discussed as a potential cause of Hypertension (HTN). The aim of this study is to (1) evaluate how measurement of AS modifies CV risk calculation by SCORE, (2) to measure the predictive value of AS for incident hypertension in normotensive patients, and (3) to analyze the association between control of HTN and presence of AS in sustained HTN. Patients and Methods: A longitudinal, prospective, observational trial under conditions of daily pharmaceutical and clinical practice will be conducted in approximately 60 community pharmacies of the Iberian Peninsula in normotensive and/or hypertensive patients entering a pharmacy spontaneously. In the first cross-sectional step, AS will be estimated with a semiautomatic, validated device (Mobil-O-Graph®, IEM), followed by a 10-item questionnaire. The patients will be referred to Primary Care for stratifying risk by SCORE tables and standard evaluation. In the second longitudinal step, patients will be asked to repeat the visit after 12 months. Discussion: This study aims to improve CV risk stratification and to investigate the potential of AS in predicting incident HTN in normotensive subjects. Besides, it will analyze the role of arterial stiffness as an associated factor to prevent control in sustained HTN in a setting of cooperation between community pharmacies and physicians in daily clinical practice.
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URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10637/11635
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ISSN : 1872-9312.
1876-4401 (Electrónico).
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