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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)Tipo
19-sep-2011Simple high-performance liquid chromatography ... : new data on alfa-tocopherol content / C. Barbas ... [et al.].Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Simplified method for vitamin E determination in rat adipose tissue and mammary glands by high-performance liquid chromatography / C. Barbas ... [et al.].Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Systematic comparison of different functionalyty columns for a classical pharmaceutical problem / A. Marín and C. Barbas.Marín, A.; Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Tandem column for the simultaneous determination / A.L. Huidobro, F.J. Rupérez, C. Barbas.Huidobro, Ángel Luis.; Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.; Rupérez Pascualena, Javier, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Tocopherol measurement in edible products of vegetable origin / C. Barbas ... [et al.].Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
16-sep-2015Understanding the antimicrobial mechanism of TiO2-based nanocomposite films in a pathogenic Bacterium / David Rojo ... [et al.].Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.; Rojo Blanco, David, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Uptake and distribution of zinc, cadmium, lead and copper in Brassica napus var. oleífera and helianthus annus grown in contaminated soils / C. Barbas ... [et al.].Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Uptake of alpha-tocopherol by the mammary gland but not by white adipose tissue is dependent on lipoprotein lipase activity around parturition and during lactation in the rat / Sonia Martínez, Coral Barbas, Emilio Herrera.Martinez, Sonia.; Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.; Herrera Castillón, Emilio, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Urinary analysis of nephrolithiasis markers / C. Barbas ... [et al.].Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Validated capillary electrophoresis methods for small-anions measurement / Luis Saavedra and Coral Barbas.Saavedra, Luis.; Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Validated HPLC method for quantification of permethrin in pharmaceutical formulations / E. García, A. García and C. Coral.García, E.; Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.; García Fernández, Antonia, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Validation of a HPLC quantification of acetaminophen, phenylephrine and chlorpheniramine in pharmaceutical formulations / C. Barbas ... [et al.].Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Validation of an HPLC method for the determination of ambroxol hydrochloride and benzoic acid in a syrup as pharmaceutical form : stress test for stability evaluation / Maarit Heinänen and Coral Barbas.Heinänen, Maarit.; Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo
19-sep-2011Vitamina E : action, metabolism and perspectives/ Emilio Herrera and Coral Barbas.Herrera Castillón, Emilio.; Barbas Arribas, Coral, coaut.Artículo