Protocol: analysis of official university studies in Spain

Protocolo: análisis de los estudios universitarios oficiales en España

doxa.comunicación | 30, pp. 211-227 | 211

January-June of 2020

ISSN: 1696-019X / e-ISSN: 2386-3978

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Rodríguez Fernández, L.; Castillo Esparcia, A. (2020). Protocol: analysis of official university studies in Spain. Doxa Comunicación, 30, pp. 211-227.

Antonio Castillo Esparcia. University Professor. Ph.D. in Communication and Communication graduate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Author of over 170 publications, including articles in journals, books, and book chapters in national and foreign publishers. Director of the Lobby and Communication Research Project, funded by the State R&D&I Programme (CSO2016-79357-R). Director of the Research Group Public Relations in Small and Medium Enterprises. President of the Association of Researchers in Public Relations (known as AIRP in Spanish). Currently the director of the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Strategic Management and Innovation in Communication. Also, an evaluator for the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), Agency for Quality Assessment of the Catalan University System (AQU in Catalan), Agency for Quality Assessment of the Basque University System (UNIBASQ) and the State Research Agency.

University of Malaga, Spain

ORCID: 0000-0002-9751-8628

Leticia Rodríguez Fernández. Ph.D. in Information Sciences (Complutense University Madrid, 2012), Advertising and Public Relations graduate (Valladolid University, 2007), Master’s in Political and Public Institutional Communication (UCM, 2008), Master’s Degree in Protocol (UNED, 2019). Lecturer at the University of Antonio Nebrija in the field of organisational communication. Director of the Corporate Communication, Protocol, and Events Organisation Degree (2017-present) 7 years of professional experience as a communication consultant. Her lines of research focus on organisational communication, specialising in the digital area and the study of propaganda and disinformation.

Antonio Nebrija University, Spain

ORCID: 0000-0002-7472-5472


Official studies in the scope of protocol are relatively new compared to other disciplines; however, they are consistent and relevant, given the need for organisations to have such a profile. Nevertheless, the number of official studies is still limited, making it an area of interest


Los estudios oficiales en el ámbito del protocolo son relativamen-te nuevos, si atendemos a otras disciplinas, pero gozan de solidez y gran proyección, dada la necesidad que tienen las organizaciones de contar con un perfil de estas características. No obstante, el número

Received: 31/12/2019 - Accepted: 17/04/2020

Recibido: 31/12/2019 - Aceptado: 17/04/2020